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LeBron Walks Out of Post Game Press Conference After J.R. Smith Questions

The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a brutal loss against the Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, despite LeBron's heroics.
Screenshot via Twitter / @SInow

LeBron James doesn't owe you shit. Let's get that down first and foremost. The man is putting up insane numbers, despite all odds, and just tied Michael Jordan for the most 30-point games in the playoffs at 109. So when a reporter asked about what's running through J.R. Smith's mind during a particular play at a particular moment in time, why should he give you the time of day?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were dealt a tough loss against the Golden State Warriors last night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, finishing up 124-114 in overtime. And LeBron? Well, he put up 51 points! What else can he do? Certainly not tolerate a question about J.R. Smith. Just check it out:

Yes, J.R. Smith blew the game. With less than five seconds on the clock and the score tied, Smith collected an offensive rebound and just… dribbled it out instead of seeking the game winner, or giving it to LeBron, or doing literally anything else except what he actually did. He later said that he was thinking there would be a timeout called, but no dice there.

Yes, it's the reporter's job to try and dissect all of the angles of a storyline. And yes, it's kind of fair to ask for a play-by-play from LeBron. But ultimately, LeBron isn't going to entertain your story. He just walked off from the podium, and told the reporter, "be better tomorrow." Sounds like some advice for J.R. as well.