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Someone Please Buy Elvis Presley's Battered Old Private Jet

One of Presley's three private planes—a 1962 Lockheed Jetstar 1329—is up at an online auction. It's faded and broken, but at least it's not too creepy.
Photos via IronPlanet

The world of Elvis Presley artifacts is a strange one. Nobody bought Elvis's salvaged broken tooth when it went up on eBay in 2003, but it still seems to be for sale at a site that also stocks his Nazi knives. Elvis's physician, Dr. Nick Nichopoulos, has already sold off the pill bottles he filled for Elvis the day before his death. In 2010, a Chicago auction house had to cancel the sale of a set of tools that were supposedly used to embalm the late Presley's body—and that was only because a funeral home claimed ownership of the items before they went up.


But if you're an Elvis enthusiast who's less interested in knick-knacks related to his poor health, his interest in Nazi relics, and his eventual death, there is at least one item out there for you. One of Presley's three private jets, a 1962 Lockheed Jetstar 1329, is being auctioned off at IronPlanet. It's broken-down and busted and I'm sure it smells like fried Hell, but it provides a great look into the teak-plated glory of its era.

The website's description of the plane points to its "red velvet seats, gold plated accents, and red plush carpet," all of which look pretty good among the chaos. It's currently sitting on a runway in Roswell, New Mexico—the Graceland estate owns the other two jets—and life on the runway hasn't been kind to its exterior. Per a note from the current owner, the Jetstar is missing its engines and some cockpit components. But it hasn't lost this unnecessarily swanky sink:

It looks like a blind auction, and there doesn't seem to be any reserve. It's worth a punt, and it beats holding onto a petrified tooth.

[h/t Jalopnik]

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