This Nail Salon Will Put an Entire Set of Usable Cutlery on Your Fingernails

“I know it’s supposed to be funny or whateva, buuuut how is she gonna wipe her booty?”
Photos via Instagram user nail_sunny.

After years of straws, coffee stirrers and sporks, an increasing number of cities and countries have decided that they’re done with plastic. On June 1, Malibu, California’s ban on all single-use plastics, including straws and all forms of cutlery, officially went into effect. The entire European Union is currently considering a similar ban, a plan that will require the OK of the European Parliament and could take four years to fully implement. And IKEA has announced that, by 2020, all of the customers who still enjoy its cafeteria will have to lick lingonberry jam off of something that isn’t a plastic plate, fork or knife.


So what are you supposed to do, especially if you don’t want to walk around with silverware in your back pocket? You can always book an appointment at Nail Sunny, the Moscow salon that takes nail art to an extreme level. (How extreme? It recently paid tribute to Soviet space dogs Belka and Strelka with 3-D nail portraits and a tiny rocketship that COULD ACTUALLY BE LIT ON FIRE).

Nail Sunny recently posted a video of one of its latest creations on Instagram, an elaborate process that left one lucky (???) customer with a miniature fork, spoon, knife and toothpick attached to the fingers of her right hand. And yeah, she can eat with them too: she uses her middle finger to slice a chocolate dessert and then picks it up with the fork attached to her index finger.

This is handy (NO PUN INTENDED, I AM NOT A MONSTER) but it does have its limitations. As one commenter wrote. “I know it’s supposed to be funny or whateva, buuuut how is she gonna wipe her booty?” Right? I guess that’s why you don’t have a second set of cutlery attached to your other hand.

Nail Sunny will probably figure out a way to put tiny serving trays on each finger too. This is the place that has turned someone’s fingers into a set of teeth (complete with cavities), into a miniature box of McDonald’s Fries, and into eight bare breasts, each with its own proportionally sized nipple.

Regardless, good luck at IKEA! Don’t break a nail on one of those meatballs.