Big-Ass Gator Takes Stroll Through South Carolina Golf Course

Just make sure you don't hit a water hazard.
Screen capture via Facebook/Eat Sleep Play Beaufort 

It's easy to forget that a certain type of dinosaur escaped the apocalypse. Sure, the meteor hit the water, but somehow gators found a certain patch that was meteor-proof, and just kept growing. But this motherfucker? Looking like he just stepped out of the Triassic.

Just look at this Buick-sized gator as he wanders around in Beaufort, South Carolina:

Alright, so there's a golf course involved (sports!), and, sure, some very concerned deer. But lord, let's just give this big papi his full credit: boy's been eating his snacks. Might be a nine iron and a whole golfer in there, for all anyone knows.