Rise Up

'SHELTER' Highlights the Fight to End America's Youth Homelessness Crisis

In VICE’s new documentary, we journey to New Orleans to speak with the staff and residents of Covenant House, America’s largest non-profit shelter, to issue an urgent call to action to address the plight of homeless youth.

In SHELTER, VICE journeys to New Orleans to tell the story of teen homelessness from the point of view of the staff and residents of Covenant House— America's largest non-profit shelter that has been on the front lines protecting the lives of at-risk young adults for more than 40 years.

The documentary, directed by brothers Brent and Craig Renaud — the same team of Peabody Award-winning filmmakers behind the VICELAND series Last Chance High — and produced by Michael K. Williams ( The Wire)puts a face on the epidemic of youth homelessness in America. In the film we learn about the day to day struggles of how the staff of Covenant House's New Orleans location is committed to keeping the most vulnerable members of society from all walks of life off the streets— many of whom are survivors of sex trafficking, physical abuse, mental health issues, addiction or have been abandoned by their families.

Homelessness is a pervasive problem that affects more than half a million people in the U.S. every day. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the number of homeless people increased nationally last year for the first time since 2010. In Louisiana, where the film takes place, HUD reported at least 3,000 total homeless people statewide in 2017.

Despite the challenges they face, the youth in the film remain resilient and hopeful under the guidance of counselors at Covenant House. While in the program, youth are provided with safe short-term housing, medical care, food and educational courses to prepare them for future careers.

In order to provide these fundamental services for this population, Covenant House needs your support. You can make a difference by donating to their organization. Also, you can participate in a Sleep Out Fundraiser to raise awareness and provide vital resources for Covenant House's important mission.