Drake Steals From Children When You Play the “God’s Plan” Video Backwards

We may need to reconsider our tears of joy at the clip's apparent generosity.

Most of us conscience-having folk didn't make it even a quarter-way through Drake's "God's Plan" video before surrendering to an ugly cry. That wholesome guy who everyone loves to hate actually took a million bucks from his label to give to the less fortunate during Black History Month. Aubrey Graham was suddenly a true icon and people who previously despised him threw up their white flags and actually considered playing Views in its entirety. For some, he finally shifted the narrative in his favor. Others, however, criticized the gesture as performative philanthropy, and now with previously unearthed insight into the events that went down the day of shooting "God's Plan," we might all have to reconsider what we actually know.


Yesterday afternoon, a new version of the video was uploaded to Twitter which shows the events playing in reverse. Instead of being the new Miami Robin Hood, in the video, Drake is shown smirking while he takes money from crying families, and groceries from hungry American citizens. The "reverse" clip flows so seamlessly, that we may now need to question which version, in fact, is an accurate depiction of what actually went down those fateful afternoons.

Yes, the warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing people cry because their circumstances were, at the least, temporarily changed is great. But consider that in the era of deepfakes, even seemingly sound video evidence can't really be trusted. Maybe these people were crying and jumping around because Drake is actually a thief—a Dickensian villain delighting in stealing candy straight from the mouths of babes. Peep the twinkle in his eye when he finesses a crying mother and her son out of a stack. Really makes you think.

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