A.B. Original’s New Song “Blaccout” is Killer, Obviously

Loud, brash and fun as hell, "Blaccout" is another winner from Briggs and Trials.
March 13, 2018, 11:56pm
Bad Apples

Briggs and Trials are back! They’ve just released “Blaccout,” the first single from their second album, which is due some time this year. Since forming in 2015, A.B. Original have played pretty much every major festival, supported 50 Cent, won the AMP and a heap of ARIAs, and called out enough gronks to fill the MCG.

Their debut, Reclaim Australia, was pure 90s west coast rap revival, but “Blaccout” swings more towards a maximalist Run The Jewels-style aesthetic. Calling out Trump, surveillance culture and Australian politics in general, it's a typically political track from two rappers who, let's be honest, write with more nuance than about 90 percent of Australia's political commentators. Produced by Trials, the song is louder, brasher and more abrasive than anything on Reclaim Australia.

Listen below:

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