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Hinds Summon the Sunshine On New Track "The Club"

It's the Spanish indie pop band's second single from their upcoming album 'I Don't Run,' due April 6.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image by Neelam Khan Vela via PR

Hinds, in general, make indie pop a brighter place, so it's excellent news that they're back for 2018. A few weeks ago, they released "New For You," the first single from their upcoming record I Don't Run (out on 6 April), and now they've come through with a second instalment, "The Club," which is just as satisfying as ice cream in a cone on a hot day.

In a statement, the band called "The Club" (which will be I Don't Run's opener) their "presentation card", because it's such a perfect encapsulation of their sound. As fuzzy vocals mesh with intricate, sunny guitars, Hinds' simple melodies bring to mind bright days and cool evenings in a consistent but never same-y way. If I Don't Run – co-produced by the band with Gordon Raphael, whose credits include The Strokes – continues in the vein we've heard so far, it seems like the band may well have perfected their luminous, nostalgic formula. Bottle it and sell it, I say. Listen to "The Club" below.

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