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How We Talk About Consent

VICE host Isobel Yeung discusses her special HBO report "Consent."
Isobel Yeung. Image: Consent/VICE

In the past couple of years, the country has turned its lens to the sexism and misogyny that has plagued women across every industry. It's exposed men like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, and fueled a national conversation about the power and coercion everyday women are forced to navigate, often just to keep their jobs.

But outing predatory men is not enough, and a lot of people have been struggling to figure out how to move the conversation forward and define subtle and often unspoken boundaries. That's where "Consent" comes in, a new special report from VICE on HBO.

On this episode, VICE's Isobel Yeung, who has spent much of her career reporting across the world, spoke with VICE Executive Editor Dory Carr-Harris and Broadly Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Schrupp about the report. The episode aired on HBO on Friday, September 30, but you can watch it for free online right now.

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