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Your Nice YouTube Comments Make Scarlxrd Smile, Under His Mask

On this edition of 'People Vs.', the UK rapper is the latest artist to delve into the hell hole/treasure trove that is the video comments section.

From time to time we grab a famous musician and get them to wade through the comments left underneath one of their YouTube videos. Think Cardi B, debating whether to deport Donald Trump to hell or London, 50 Cent thinking about penis candy and Migos chatting about dabbing.

This time around it's Scarlxrd. He's a British rapper we covered in an episode of Noisey Raps called Who the Fxck is Scarlxrd, which is worth watching if that exact question is reverberating around your mind right now. And if you don't do that, at least know his breakthrough video for "Heart Attack" is sitting at over 40 million views, meaning Scarlxrd is the masked king of the teens.

Watch above as he talks about everything from being the spawn of satan, Naruto and Tekashi 69.