You Can Now Buy RAM That Does Nothing But Look Cool

These sold out RAM sticks exist only to glow inside your case and take up empty slots.
December 10, 2018, 10:18pm

People who’ve built their own PC know that you often end up with some empty slots on your motherboard. Every PC needs RAM, but most motherboards come with four slots and many gamers only need to fill two to get the performance they want. What do you do with those extra slots? Corsair has an answer—fill them with non-functioning RAM sticks that glow pretty colors.

Corsair sells RAM sticks in packs of two for $40 and promises that the sticks will complete “your custom PC’s look by filling your empty DDR4 slots, boasting 10 ultra-bright individually addressable RGB LEDs each.” Multicolored LEDs, in case you haven't been around a suped up gaming PC in the last five years, are a crucial component of the entire PC gamer aesthetic, which is why Corsair also sells light up keyboards, mouse pads, mice, and cooling fans. Corsair software can control and coordinate these various LEDs across the different components, creating beautiful symphony of lights sure to make even the coldest gamer heart quiver.

Previously, companies such as Gigabyte sold kits of RAM that came with four light-up sticks—two real and two fake—that allowed gamers to trick out their systems. This is, to our knowledge, the first time any company has sold glowing dummy RAM sticks by themselves.

Again, Corsair’s light up RAM does not function as an actual RAM stick. It will literally not improve your PCs performance, at all.But it does look cool, and sometimes that's what having an expensive gaming PC is all about.