This Man Will Eat Anything on Ice Cream Reddit Tells Him to

Quick, go give him suggestions before he taps out.
Thumbnails of youtube videos of man eating food
Screenshot via Youtube user man eating food

Eric is a man with iron tastebuds and a Ron Swanson-esque vibe, both of which he has successfully combined to great effect thanks to the peculiar fascinations and machinations of the internet.

Over the summer, a man named Ben Rosen, whose father is friends with Eric, posted on Reddit that Eric would eat anything suggested by strangers on the internet and that they would upload videos of the consumption. Surprisingly, this backfired less than you might think. Thousands of suggestions—of varying degrees of actual edibility—came in and Eric chewed his way through a truly insane number of them: Lemon, popcorn, taco shells, dog food, garbage bags—you get the idea.


Now, Eric is back at it, but eating just one foodstuff at a time is old hat. Today, Ben is inviting Reddit users to suggest ice cream toppings and then, with comic stoicism, Eric opens up a pint, piles on whatever monstrous combo the internet has cooked up, and chows down.

This is way more… impressive(?) than the single foods. Because watching a man eat lobster salad is fine (I mean, no judgement if that's your fetish) but watching him eat it on ice cream? That's fascinating.

Crumbled Cheetos? Eric is on it.

Raw oyster? He wouldn't. He would!

Pizza? Well, this one is more 'ice cream on pizza' than 'pizza on ice cream' but whatever it takes!

Ketchup? For some reason this one squicks me out most of all but if you can handle it, here it is for your viewing displeasure:

So far it's been about five hours and the pair have uploaded more than 120 videos. Each one is less than 30 seconds which means you can dive in, thinking it'll be a quick jaunt down the World Wide Rabbit Hole, and find yourself wondering if sardines and ice cream might be just the right sweet-and-salty-combo almost an hour later.

I'm not saying that's what happened to me, but I do have one question for Ben and Eric: What'd you do with all those pints of Ample Hills?