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Ayesha Curry Says Steph Has a Foot Fetish

We enter the bedroom of basketball's First Couple, one bare-footed step at a time.
Screenshot via The Real Daytime, YouTube

There are certain things that should remain vault stories. You know, the kind of thing you lock up, throw away the key, and hide deep down in your soul for no one to discover. Ayesha Curry was just on The Real today, and decided to take an oxy acetylene torch to the vault, and bust out some information that will surely not get Steph absolutely razzed all year: Curry is apparently a foot man.

On The Real, Ayesha was challenged to "show an unusual picture" from her phone, and she didn't dig deep to find this one of her shit kickers:

She claims that apparently Steph is into that kind of stuff. There are a couple of other details from the whole thing, including Ayesha saying, "When he says to send nudes, that's what he's getting: a picture of my bare feet." I don't need this information, and surely the Houston Rockets don't either. Hell, neither does Draymond for that matter.

Now, I'm not one to hate on people's weird desires. But there's something about being led further into the cave of Ayesha and Steph's Marital Wonders that spooks me out. They should leave that between them and God. I mean, just think about the weird kinds of shit that went down on the Curry Ones release day. Old man role-playing, etc. No thanks.