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'MUNCHIES: The Podcast': We Spoke to Action Bronson About Wine, Mangoes, and Seinfeld

"I was on some George Costanza shit this morning with my girl."

In the second installment of this very special two-part episode, Mr. Wonderful himself is back in the VICE studios to celebrate the release of his magnum opus, F*ck, That's Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well, the book that Mario Batali calls "a map of the inside of Bronson's brain."

Bam Bam is in very high spirits, waxing poetic about pleasures of the flesh and fleshy mangoes. "I was on some George Costanza shit this morning with my girl. Right before she went to work we had sex, and we both were eating mango at the same time. It was next level."


The episode begins with Action preparing his favorite dessert: olive oil cake with rosemary and sea salt, prepared by pastry chef Rebecca DeAngelis of Mario Batali's iconic Babbo, which doesn't stop him from saying more crazy shit. "This [cake] is fucking sexual too," he declares. "It's just unbelievable. It brings out emotions that are hidden. Like I said, it's truth serum. It gets you saying crazy shit."

Eventually, we were able to get Bronson's mind out of the gutter and into more highbrow realms like wine, "Natural wine has changed my life," vegan food, "Don't try and make it look like meat," and Macaulay Culkin, "I just needed to tell someone I met Macaulay Culkin."

It's been a very prolific year for the Queens native, who, in addition to his new book, has a new album and multiple TV projects with VICELAND. Even so, he always has time for his fans and gave some pretty revealing answers to a series of podcast listener questions.

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