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It's Time to Get a Fanny Pack

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' we find out why the 80s staple is making a comeback and talk to Krishna Andavolu about the stigma around mothers who smoke marijuana while pregnant.
Ellis Jones
London, GB

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and a rare glimpse into how we make the issue.

Since September is smack dab in the middle of two of our favorite themed issues—August's annual Photo Issue and our upcoming second annual Music Issue in October—we took it a bit easier on ourselves this month and put together a themeless one. But we still have plenty of compelling stories inside.


Here's our table of contents:

• Photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom explains our claustrophobic cover image and how, through a happy accident, the photographer was able to get the shot.

• Starting with this episode, we've replaced Haisam Hussein's "How It Works" column with a new segment called "Why We Wear It," a look at the history of popular fashion items. Alice Newell-Hanson, the managing editor of i-D in the US, gives us a lesson on the emergence of the fanny pack and notes how it's coming back into fashion.

• Jason Leopold, our Freedom of Information Act expert, reveals how 66 years ago, the FBI opened an investigation into Ben Bagdikian, a reporter best known for obtaining a copy of the Pentagon Papers.

• VICE UK's Bruno Bayley chats with photographer David Severn about his "Thanks, Maggie" project. His series—about the death of Britain's mining industry and the society that now remains—draws on the music and culture of the coalfields and celebrates the passion for showmanship among the performers keeping the legacy of working-class entertainment alive.

• Deputy editor Erika Allen interviews Krishna Andavolu, the host and executive producer of Weediquette, about an upcoming episode of his show, which follows a mother who smoked weed while pregnant. His report on her and other women's use of pot while pregnant—to treat morning sickness and other discomforts associated with pregnancy—reveals how the law judges them more harshly than others.


• Marina Garcia Vasquez, editor-in-chief of Creators at VICE, tells us about an artifact she received while putting together NSFW: Female Gaze, an exhibit at the Museum of Sex in New York City, which showcases more than 25 emerging female artists from various disciplines dedicated to powerful feminine narratives.

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