Le1f's Surprise New EP 'Blue Dream' Is Like a Contact High

The New York-based rapper follows up 'Riot Boi' with a new EP, 'Blue Dream.'
Queens, US
April 20, 2018, 6:48pm

It's approaching three years since Le1f released a Riot Boi, a club-dwelling rap record that implicitly questioned hip-hop's fragile definition of masculinity, which means it's about time that the New York rapper would make a return. If you've been itchign for more, he's back today an impromptu 4/20 treat.

With a seasonally appropriate title—Blue Dream is also the name of a weed strain for all of you out there that keep edge—he's released a new EP without warning. Across five tracks, Le1f bounces across electro-inspired beats and abstract club tracks with an unmatched energy, contorting his gnarly voice as many times as he can in just 19 minutes. Blue Dream wild, weird and fuzzy, the perfect contact high for your holiday. Don't be afraid to revel in it.

Listen to the new EP below.

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