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Yung Lean, Why Are You Always in the Forest?

The Swedish rapper and frequent collaborator Bladee have released a video for “Lordship” and they're out in the wilderness again.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Hey, remember back in 2014 when Yung Lean was a baby-faced lil rapper and released the video for “Motorola”, in the forest? And remember when he released “Hoover”, in which he went dirt biking, in the forest? And remember when he dug his own grave in “Miami Ultras”, in the forest? And remember when him and Swedish rapper Bladee (one third of Drain Gang) teamed up for “Gotham City”, where they drank in the park, which was surrounded by forest? Well, your boy has released another video with Bladee, for their track “Lordship”, and they’re back in the forest. Yung Lean, my dude, it's cool that you’re a nu wave goth 2.0 and big into the aesthetic, and trees are really nice, but why are you always in the forest though? Are you OK? Have you got a cottage in there?


All that aside, the track itself is good if you are heavily into these two and their sound, because it’s a typically chilly emo-rap effort. The track also appears on Bladee’s Working On Dying, a nine-track mixtape that showed up just before Christmas last year. You can listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud here and watch this forest video below.

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