Netflix's New True-Crime Series 'Evil Genius' Looks Completely Bonkers

Welcome to a bizarre heist that involved a gang of middle-aged outcasts, murder plots, and 700 pounds of cheese​.
April 30, 2018, 4:00pm

Netflix just released the trailer for the Duplass brothers' next true-crime docuseries, Evil Genius, about the 2003 "pizza bomber heist," and it looks even crazier than Wild Wild Country.

Back in August of 2003, a pizza delivery man robbed a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, with a bomb locked around his neck. Police caught the guy only 15 minutes later, but as they arrested him, the delivery guy began frantically warning them that the bomb was going to explode. Cops called in a bomb squad, but before it could arrive, the homemade collar bomb went off, killing the pizza guy while he sat cuffed on the street.


The story just got weirder from there. Cops searched the dead man's car and discovered a letter addressed to the "Bomb Hostage," which mapped out a complicated, Saw-like scavenger hunt that the man would have to do to retrieve three keys that would eventually unlock the collar from his neck. Robbing the bank was just step one. It took investigators years to fully unravel the mystery of the bizarre, failed heist—a mystery that turned out to involve a gang of middle-aged outcasts, double-crosses, and 700 pounds of cheese.

The whole saga is so bonkers that it's almost surprising that it's taken this long for Netflix to give it the true-crime treatment since the streaming service has already cranked out so many true-crime bangers. The streaming services is even developing a follow-up to one of the docs that invented the long-form true crime genre, 2003's The Staircase.

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist will be a four-part miniseries directed by Barbara Schroeder and, like Wild Wild Country, executive produced by the Duplass brothers. The show's set to hit Netflix on May 11, so get ready to stay inside for an entire weekend and figure out how someone dreamed up that DIY collar bomb plan in the first place and why anyone would ever need that much cheese.

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