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6 GIFs to Satisfy Your Chocolate Day Cravings

Digital art is calorie free.

It's International Chocolate Day, and our favorite health risk isn't going to celebrate itself. Instead we're sharing the work of six GIF artists who lavishly recreate calorie-free loops of the tantalizing brown goo. Whether computer-generated or captured in-camera, the fragrant confection seems to arouse the senses even through a computer screen—a phenomenon a 2014 University of Michigan study refers to as "smellizing." In Smellizing Cookies and Salivating: A Focus on Olfactory Imagery, Michigan's Ross School of Business professor and sensory marketing expert Aradhna Krishna found that powerful imagery can trigger physiological responses like salivation when asking subjects to imagine the pictured item's smell.


On that note, look at Stephanie Gonot, Feliks Tomasz Kończakowski, and Kitchen Ghosts' mouthwatering artwork and imagine the smell of chocolate wafting from your screen into your nose. We're huffing our laptops right now and aggressively wishing all those studies about chocolate being healthy were actually true.


Feliks Tomasz Kończakowski

Stephanie Gonot

Kitchen Ghosts

Monika Klobčar

Ali Mac

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