Behold, the Almighty Power of Trudeaumania in Europe
Queen Elizabeth II greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. | Getty Images, WPA Pool


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Justin Trudeau

Behold, the Almighty Power of Trudeaumania in Europe

Bigger than Jesus and Oasis and The Beatles COMBINED? Hell yes.

Even though Canada is the second biggest country in the world, the majesty of Justin Trudeau cannot be contained. Our beloved prime minister is travelling to Europe to bring some of Canada's very wholesome liberal values to a deeply troubled G20. He's been making new friends and sharing some laughs along the way and just maybe, if we open our hearts to Justin, we can all learn a little something about being better people.


He's also been having quite a few adventures that are making a big splash in the European media. Let's see what that delightful devil has been up to abroad.

Justin Trudeau Makes a New Friend

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tries his hand at the sport of hurling, watched by Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar | Getty Images, Paul Faith.

You can never have too many bromances—especially if you're Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This guy is just racking them up among stylish, ruthlessly liberal heads of state like Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron, but it seems like he's found a new bestie in Ireland's Leo Varadkar, the gay son of an Indian immigrant who also happens to be the Republic's newest Taoiseach. Not only do they have the same taste in elaborate and often humourous dress socks, but they also have a lot of similar hobbies: like jogging, and applying a thin veneer of progressive identity credentials over some truly awful policies. I'm really glad the prime minister found a cool new gay friend for his international entourage and I can't wait to see what sorts of shenanigans Trudeau and Varadkar will get into the next time "the boys are back in town."

Justin Trudeau Comforts Survivors of the Irish Famine

History—wow. Everybody's had it rough and some point or another over the years but you can't top the Irish when it comes to hard times. It feels like only yesterday that the British government's disastrous and arguably genocidal economic policies during the potato blight in Ireland resulted in the deaths of at least one million people between 1845 and 1852. It is truly one of the great wells of human suffering that no mind can really grasp without tumbling into a bottomless pit of despair. And you just know that's exactly the gravitas Justin Trudeau felt at the famine memorial in Dublin when he tried to comfort the statues of starving Irish emigrants. Incredible.


That's Dr. Justin to You, Mr. Scheer!

Source: YouTube

Justin Trudeau is one sharp cookie—have you seen him explain quantum computing? Now he's got the paper to prove it. On his stop in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh gave the prime minister an honorary doctorate for his commitment to social justice. That's the same university that gave an honorary doctorate to Sir Wilfred Laurier. What an honour! Now he's Dr. Trudeau, unlike his dad Pierre who dropped out of doctoral studies at the London School of Economics. Maybe this will ease that weird feeling he gets sometimes going to work in his father's old office or seeing his father's extremely badass official portrait on the walls of Centre Block and inevitably thinking about the comparisons that will be made between the father and the son and whether he will ever even come close to matching his father's legacy as the country's most profound and powerful political thinker or even if this is truly enough to make his father proud because was it even possible to reach the man's heart beneath those piercing eyes and the restless imperious mind that would reshape the nation's destiny? Who knows! But I bet our newly-minted poindexter prime minister can put his big doctor brain to work on figuring it out.

Justin Trudeau Visits the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during an audience at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. | WPA Pool / Pool Getty Images.

Nothing beats visiting mom's house, because you know you can bank on a great home-cooked meal and maybe even getting your laundry done if you're respectful. How much better would it be if it was at Buckingham Palace? A lot better, as Justin Trudeau discovered this week when he visited our great constitutional mother, the Queen. There has been shockingly little information on Trudeau's sock game when he visited mummy, but we do know that he made her laugh with a joke, and the Queen's laughter is apparently a big deal in the British news because I guess she is as drab a human being as her position at the head of an ossified and hilariously regressive feudal institution might suggest. He's such a charmer! Although she almost certainly didn't bake him one because it's unlikely a monarch would stoop to doing anything so crass as preparing food either for themselves or others, you just know that the loveable scamp got one of Her Majesty's finest cookies for that one.

Justin Trudeau Opens for Coldplay

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks on as his wife Sophie Gregorie Trudeau speaks during the Global Citizen Concert to End AIDS, Tuberculosis and Marlaria | Geoff Robins/Getty Images

If there's anyone out there who can upstage multi-platinum recording artists and rock superstars Coldplay, it's Justin and Sophie Trudeau. The couple appeared onstage at a benefit concert in Germany and gave the crowd an inspirational pep talk about the importance of feminism before welcoming the band to the stage. From the sounds of things, the Canadian power couple was an even bigger hit than Chris Martin! The only way they could have topped if they'd had Sophie sing in the encore. But maybe they're saving that one for the next time an excruciatingly boring rock outfit who peaked in the early aughts plays a G20 conference. Radiohead 2018, anyone?

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