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Dusk Beckons in Rico Casazza and Melanie Houston’s “Amphibian Twitch”

The pair's melancholic track features on the upcoming Play !t Loud compilation.
Rico Casazza photo courtesy of artist

For their latest compilation EP, P!LWHT003, Polish vinyl-only label Play !t Loud is offering up an international smorgasbord of sound, calling on producers including Sweden's DJ Different, Hungary's S Olbricht, and Australia's Hymns.

Ahead of its July 28 release, today THUMP's premiering "Amphibian Twitch," a collaboration between Londoners Rico Casazza and Melanie Houston made "on a cold October night" according to the former. Deep and driving, the track evokes a melancholic feeling through its cinematic, sprawling synths, though it livens up with a flitting acid line that illuminates the duskiness like fireflies during sunset.

Listen to "Amphibian Twitch" below, and pre-order P!LWHT003 here.