WILDLIFE! Explains How He Found New Life on His Latest EP

Jubilee and the Swiss experimentalist sit down to chat and drop tunes on the latest Pre-Game podcast.

WILDLIFE! is a no-brainer pick for the shapeshifting musical output of Mixpak. In the past week, the Swiss-born, New York-based artist (whose real name is Samuel Riot) has dropped his latest EP Anima on the label, and put on an audio-visual performance in Brooklyn. Turning down the attention to club-facing sounds and raising the level of experimental atmospherics on his latest work, the record is a fitting showcase of a producer who's constantly striving to expand his sonic palette. During the podcast, Jubilee and Riot touch on his diverse musical experiences, what it's like to create sound installations, and more. He also shared a mix of his favourite music right now, including selections by Actress, Huerco S, and others. Listen to it below and get Anima here.


Jubilee tracklist: Untold- "Dolphin Tag"
Jubilee - "Spring Break"
Mobilegirl - "Vivibass"
Contakt - "Things to Come"
Astrolith - "Ultragel"
Doctor Jeep - "HydraVIP"
Jubilee - "I-95"
Opus III - "It's a Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)"

WILDLIFE! tracklist: GILA - "Frost On Leaf"
Yamaneko - "Pixel Dream"
Jesse Osborne Lanthier - "Submitting To A Pile"
Huerco S - "On The Embankment"
Actress - "There's An Angel In The Shower"
Wildlife! - "Ceremony"