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Guy Smokes Wife in the Face with Baseball During Dreaded Gender Reveal

These are officially a thing now, and people can't stop fucking them up.

The Gender Reveal Industry has spread to the sports world and, somewhat surprisingly, it has not gone as smoothly as the folks who take, like, AK-47s and shoot colored balloons or boxes filled with colored powder or what have you.

In the past couple days we've seen two couples attempt to hit a baseball filled with either pink or blue crap as a way of announcing whether they're having a boy or girl. In these videos, the mom-to-be has served as the pitcher, and the dad-to-be is the batter. Both dads failed miserably. Only one may have disfigured his wife's face.

In one, the dad decided his pitch wasn't in his sweetspot, so he decided to wait for another. However, he also let it drop to ground, where the ball promptly broke. Congratulations, you're having a girl.

Above, we have a decidedly more violent example courtesy of Laura and Justin Garner. In contrast to our dad obsessed with OBP, Justin is up there hacking right away at the first pitch. This one was in his sweetspot and he cranked it….right into Laura's face. For some reason, the ball malfunctioned and did not explode on contact. The first time, it was unfortunate. The second time was lucky, though, otherwise Laura would have had a mouthful of powder.

They tried again, but there was no video of the successful second attempt—presumably with Laura in a goalie helmet—because her sister was laughing too hard. It's a boy, if you're wondering. Hopefully he grows up a little bit more concerned for the people he's just tattooed in the face with a novelty baseball than his dad, though.

h/t The Score