Vigilantes Forced Teen to March Naked After Catching Car Break-in
Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau/Facebook
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Vigilantes Forced Teen to March Naked After Catching Car Break-in

Two grown men allegedly committed a bunch of crimes in order to teach three teens “a lesson” about committing crimes.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
July 13, 2017, 7:41pm

Two Quebec men are facing charges after attempting some rather bizarre vigilantism against three teens they found breaking into cars.

In a press release, Gatineau police said that the actions took place July 2 and were kicked off when three teens—all under 16—were discovered trying to steal money from parked cars by one of the men. As teens who have been discovered doing bad things do, the three scattered, but a different man was able to snag one of them by the scruff of the neck.


The man then forced the teen into his vehicle where he threatened and forced the kid to tell him where their friends were. Then, with the teenager still in the vehicle, the incensed vigilante drove to the home of another one of the teens. Now, this story is weird up to this point but here is where it gets turned up to 11.

At the home of the second teen, one of the men forced his way into the teen's home and, when the kid locked himself in a bedroom, broke the goddamn door down and dragged the, most likely, scared-out-of-their-mind teen outside. When outside the house, the man forced the—again, under 16—teen to strip naked and abandon his clothes on the side of the road while their friend was still in the car.

The teen was then forced to march in the buff.

"He [was forced to walk completely naked,] while the second adult followed them behind the wheel of the vehicle with the first teenager," reads a translated copy of the press release. "The suspects also took advantage of the opportunity to make him walk naked and without shoes in a field, in brush, [and] sharp plants."

After the naked march was done, the two teens—one nude, the other clothed—were forced back into the car as the suspects drove to the third teen's house. Once there, one of the men dragged the still naked kid to the door with him, knocked loudly and barged his way into the house to confront the third teen's parents.

Police said that the man told the parents he wanted to take the child away to "teach him a lesson" as the second man and firstly captured teen entered the home. Once inside, cooler heads [finally] prevailed and the two grown adult men left the three under-16 kids alone.

The two men—identified as Claude Poitras, 39, and Marc Andre Essiambre, 37—were charged with 18 charges including kidnapping, sexual assault, confinement, and, ironically, breaking and entering alongside a milieu of other charges. They made their first court appearance on Wednesday.

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