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Rejoice: The London Overground Will Run All Night at Weekends from December

The greatest city on earth just got even better.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

When it was announced back in 2015 the Night Tube promised great things for London. It suggested the city would be linked at the weekend like never before, meaning we'd all be free to enjoy London's world class nightlife at our collective leisure. In practice, however, it has basically meant you can go to your rich friend's birthday in central London, and then take the slightly easier night bus route home from Brixton because the Victoria line is still on. If you go out in any of the places where people actually go out (i.e. places which mostly aren't directly on tube lines), however, you're still stuck paying out of your arse for an Uber, or waiting for the first overground.


So today's news that the London overground will begin an all-night service in December is Extremely Good™. It's a real step forward because it means that a lot of the places that represent the best and most relevant nightlife in London for younger people will be much more accessible from December onwards. Hooray for being able to go to a niche themed night at Vogue Fabrics before stumbling home on the train wearing Kylie Minogue fancy dress (you're not sure why) for the same price as your journey to work.

Specifically, the line that will be running initially is the East London line, which links Dalston in East London to New Cross Gate in South East London. This is good news not only for convenience and people's bank accounts; it also means that two of the capital's nightlife hubs will now be more open than they've ever been. Dalston represents a decent slice of London's contemporary queer nightlife, and it's in walking distance from Hackney's various music venues, while Peckham's Bussey Building (and other surrounding venues) continues to host a diverse roster of music events and club nights.

Basically: Night Overground (#NightOverground) is excellent news for your night out, specifically if that night out involves music – especially new music – in pretty much any way. Hopefully, the whole network will eventually be rolled out so that venues in Camden and West London are also affected, and everyone will be able have a great time without worrying about the cost of a taxi at the end of a night. Public transport = utopia, baby.

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