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Kanye Tweeted Out Strange 'Rick and Morty' Fan Art for Some Reason

The crossover you never needed.
A drawing of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walking out of a green portal in the style of 'Rick and Morty."
Image via Twitter

The being formerly known as Kanye West—now just "Ye" —has been a confirmed Rick and Morty fan since he tweeted about the Adult Swim show's 70-episode renewal back in May. Today he proved he's a next-level stan when he tweeted some Rick and Morty fan art that imagines himself as the misanthropic, self-obsessed scientist from the show with his wife, Kim Kardashian, as his sidekick. It is truly bewildering stuff.


Even stranger is that he appears to have sent some of this fan art as a love note to Kardashian, which he screenshotted and posted in

a now-deleted tweet

. "May I take you to another galaxy," he texted her, bookended by a small army of heart eyes emojis. She responded the only thing you can respond when a loved one offers something totally creepy but well-intentioned: "Lol so cute."


The Bitmoji-meets-South Park style of drawing is uncanny, but it could give us some insight into what a Kanye-Rick and Morty crossover would look like. Ye tweeted with co-creator Justin Roiland shortly after the new episodes were announced to arrange a time to hang out and have a good time, which many have interpreted to mean an appearance by the rapper on the Emmy-winning show. Speculation about how it would go down ranges from a planet full of only Kanyes to "Pickle Kanye," whatever that means.

Ye may view himself as the Picasso of hip-hop, and he's dabbled in visual art in the past. But whoever made these illustrations is no Pablo. There are way more talented artists, for example, in the surprisingly prolific world of Rick and Morty incest porn.

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