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Could London Become the World's First Gender Equal City?

VICE News goes door knocking with the Women’s Equality party ahead of London’s 2016 mayoral election to find out if the British capital could become the world’s first gender equal city.

The UK's Women's Equality party was founded in 2015 as a reaction to how Britain's 51 percent female population still isn't properly represented in the halls of political power, earns substantially less than men, and how parental responsibilities aren't shared equally — which it says also penalizes fathers.

"The current system is bad for everyone, equality is good for everyone!" leader and London mayoral candidate Sophie Walker exclaims, as the party gears up for its first election on May 5.

VICE News goes door knocking with the Women's Equality party ahead of the vote to find out what they're up against and if Londoners are ready for gender equality. Their goal? To make London the first city in the world where men and women enjoy equal social status.

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