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Behind the Scenes of 'She's Running'

We talk to the producers of the VICE News series on women in politics.
Pearl Kim

With more women than ever before in US history running in this year's midterm elections, VICE News decided to take a deeper look into a handful of their campaigns in a new series called "She's Running."

The series follows four women as they each mount historic bids for public office. Democratic candidate Deidre DeJear would become the first African-American elected to state office in Iowa, if her bid for secretary of state is successful. Republican Pearl Kim, who's running for a House seat in Pennsylvania's 5th district, would become the first woman of color elected to Congress in the state. Democrat Anna Eskamani, a former Planned Parenthood employee, could become the first Iranian-American in the Florida State House. Lastly, there's Republican Morgan Zegers, a 21-year-old running to become the New York State Assembly's youngest member.

Broadly writer Marie Solis sat down with the producers of the "She's Running," Emma Fidel and Daniel Ming, to hear more about the series.

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