A New Magazine for Women Photographers Celebrates the Female Gaze

She Shoots Film is a new indie fine art magazine featuring film photography by women.
May 28, 2017, 11:50am
Photos: Lucy Guernier. All images courtesy She Shoots Film

Female photographers are taking back their medium.

The collective She Shoots Film recently launched their first print magazine, giving a physical space to female photographers who are interested in film photography.

The magazine highlights the beautiful, hazy aspect of old school film photography—as seen through the female gaze. "I felt that the female gaze hadn't and wasn't adequately being represented in the wider world," co-founder Aliki Smith tells Creators. "As maker of film photography and as a viewer of images and photographs, I thought there was a space for She Shoots Film—a space that encourages, supports, and draws attention to emerging and seasoned film photographers with a woman's eye."

The project started off as a Facebook page in 2014. Later that year, it transformed into a website. In 2016, She Shoots Film began developing a curated Instagram presence and in March of this year, they launched their first print issue.

For a project that is obsessed with film photography, it only makes sense to present their work on a physical page.

"We foster the collective, connectivity, and the possibility for transformation in unity," Smith says. "We feature words and works by women, the historically under-represented gender in photography."

Within the magazine, readers will find a combination of images and words, all honoring the cinematic feel of film photography. She Shoots Film aims to "thoughtfully push boundaries" while "stirring in interviews and words that get people curious," Smith says.

The beautifully-designed first issue, themed "Self Portrait," features the work of 31 contributors and is a physical "exploration of film and analogues process-based female self portraiture and artist words on the printed page," says Smith.

All photographers featured online and in print are a combination of "seasoned film photographers and amateurs that make images and photographs with a woman's eye," she explains. One of the main and most important requirements for inclusion is to be female-identifying and a lover of film.


The next issue of the magazine will be themed "Mother."

The first issue of She Shoots Film is available for purchase online and at select stockists around the world. The second issue is due out by the end of 2017.

You can visit She Shoots Film's website, here, and follow the project on Instagram, here.


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