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Jabu's Cobwebby R&B Track Will Haunt You

The Bristol trio's "Fool If" is the first taste from their debut album for Blackest Ever Black.
Photo courtesy of the artists.

The throughline that unites all the deep, dark, and otherworldly ephemera that's come out of Bristol, England's Young Echo collective is a sort of subtle creep. Whether its Vessel's creaking techno takes, or the shuddering drones and busted dub that filled their Nexus compilation—there's a slow-moving, darkness that ties together even their most disparate work.

The trio of Amos Childs, Alex Rendall, and Jas—who record together as Jabu—have always had an interesting place in that universe. Their music is still haunted by that same sort of gloom, but its brightened by their affinity for the lilt and yearning of R&B, which produces a sort of soulful chiaroscuro. Their new single "Fool If" is their most sophisticated take on that sound yet.

Built around a ghostly loop of swooning vocals, the track sort of oozes along, caught in a swamp grief and loss. There's not a lot of instrumental variation, but that's sort of the thing when you feel left behind—there's no escaping those feelings, and not a lot that can bring color to your surroundings when you're all alone.

The track's taken from their debut full length album Sleep Heavy, which'll be out this summer on Blackest Ever Black—though they haven't nailed down an exact release date just yet. Listen here.