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Please Enjoy This Footage of Sheer Mag Covering Shania Twain at a Wedding

"Man! I Feel Like a Woman" never sounded so good.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

It's very possible that Sheer Mag is the best band on this planet right now: in Tina Halliday they have the most ferocious vocalist currently doing it, they're hugely skilled in the business of crafting melodies, and the riffs, well, they speak for themselves. But in case you were in any doubt with regards to their supremacy, I'd like to direct you to the above video. Yes, yes that is indeed a video of Sheer Mag playing a cover of Shania Twain's moms-night-out opus "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." And yeah, they are doing it at a wedding. Give thanks for the miracle of Sheer Mag, man.


As if the idea of Sheer Mag doing "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" wasn't ridiculous—but somehow also perfect?—enough, it's even better in practice. Tina toughens up Shania's purr of a vocal line with an appealing growl, and there is some extremely good dancing happening, particularly by the guy in the white shirt on Tina's left (arguably the MVP of this video because he is just really Feeling The Music), at around the 0:34 mark.

I'm very much hoping that the song will be worked into the band's set when they eventually tour their upcoming debut album Need To Feel Your Love, and that they're now also a for-hire wedding band on weekends. Both would be a service to drunk people everywhere.

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(Image via YouTube)