British Club Promoters are Fist-Fighting Over Flyering Territory in Magaluf

A video shared on a Spanish newspaper's website shows the men fighting as a group surround them and cheer, "Come on!"
July 11, 2019, 11:03am
magaluf club reps fist fight
Screenshot: Diario de Mallorca / Twitter

This article originally appeared on VICE UK

Brits famously have a terrible reputation abroad. So much so that, for many Europeans, "British tourist" has come to mean: "Bright pink lad who's covered in his own sick by 8PM, but manages to rally for eight more Jägerbombs and a weirdly violent singalong to 'Come On Eileen'."

Unfortunately, it seems our countrymen are set on advancing this reputation as much as they possibly can. According to the Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca, clans of British club promoters are holding organised fist-fights to determine who gets the best territory to flyer for bars and club nights, which is just beyond parody at this point.


A video uploaded to the paper's Twitter account shows two men with their faces blurred, punching and wrestling each other while a surrounding group of men watch on. You can hear one of the men shout, "Come on! Come on!" At the end of the fight, another says, "Come on, it's over."

The source of the video is hard to track down, as it reportedly emerged after being sent around on various messaging platforms, but Diario de Mallorca says that, using reverse image search, it has been able to confirm the location of the fight, and also claims to have identified one of the men in the video as a well known Magaluf ticketer. The paper also says that a local businessman has confirmed that the underground fist-fights are a way for local British holiday reps to settle their differences.

Speaking to VICE, a local official who asked to remain anonymous said the fight appears to be taking place in an inland area of Calvia, the municipality that Magaluf belongs to.

VICE reached out to the Magaluf Tourism Board about the footage, and a spokesperson replied that as soon as the City Council learned of its existence it was sent to the Civil Guard and local police. They added that the people videoed "are not worthy of working" in Calvia, and that "local businessmen denounce [the ticket sellers]", but that there are other employers who still hire them.

Jesus Sanchez, President of the Balearic Association of Nightlife and Entertainment, told Diario de Mallorca that these fights are taking place because there's a lot of money at stake when it comes to selling tickets for boat parties and pub crawls.

Nobody has been able to confirm exactly what the men were fighting over, but the idea that a load of Brits were scrapping over who gets the best spot to flyer for their 2PM sangria booze cruise is absolutely believable.