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This YouTuber Built a Working PC Out of Pasta

“This has been a very long project that I’m mildly proud of,” said Micah Laplante.

Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, Bill Gates—all are visionaries that have shaped modern computing technology. With that in mind, YouTuber Laplanet Arts decided to take computing somewhere that it’s never been before—inside of a lasagna.

Micah Laplante, whose YouTube channel Laplanet Arts has 315 subscribers, mostly uploads product reviews and image-retouching tutorials. But after his wife made an off-handed joke about a PC made of pasta, he decided that he could actually make that ridiculous idea a reality.


“Never joke with me on such things because I may just do it,” Laplante wrote in the video’s caption. “And do it I have.” This was his first attempt at building a computer on his channel.

The basis of the Pasta PC was a broken Asus Transformer tablet that Laplante already owned. After removing the essential components he got to work building a new computer case out of pasta. Other than the motherboard, batteries, buttons and ports, Laplante built the new casing out of pasta—lasagna and rigatoni, to be precise (as well as some hot glue, electric tape, and paint).

The result was a fully functional computer. Due to the age of the original tablet, it lagged on certain functions, such as when Laplante tried to stream video on Hulu and run games on Steam and the Game Boy emulator that he downloaded, but otherwise the system worked normally.

“This has been a very long project that I’m mildly proud of,” said Laplante.

We’ll have to wait and see how his ingenuity will ripple out to the rest of the technology industry.

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