Megan Thee Stallion Fans Tell Us What a Hot Girl Summer Really Is

"I'm going to keep it simple: Being. A. Bad. Bitch."
Rapper Megan Thee Stallion at Wireless Festival 2019
Megan Thee Stallion performing at Wireless Festival 2019. All photos by Ashley Biack for Noisey

Spare a thought for the person out there in front of a laptop this month, trying to find the words to explain Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘hot girl summer’ to a baby boomer newspaper audience. We’re soaring into the peak of the season. And that means, regardless of what the weather’s saying, you’ve been assailed by enough Insta ads to have decided on that bra top where the underwire looks like a stretched “w” meeting right on your ribcage. You’ve acquired the neon Hawaiian shirt + pulled up socks combo your friends specifically tried to veto. Your flesh is ready to ever so lightly sting under the sun.

Fans crowd Wireless festival 2019 in London

But as the hot girl summer has evolved into a meme, its meaning has started to extend, like a jelly sweet warped by the heat of a too-hot car. Megan Thee Stallion’s Fever mixtape, and her corresponding rebrand as Hot Girl Meg, kicked things off back in May. Now, though? Well, now the words “hot girl summer” can mean just about anything. We asked the hot girls of Wireless Festival, there to see Megan play on Sunday the 6th of July, to clear things up.


Tracy, at Wireless Festival 2019

"A hot girl summer is about you being you, innit!! You doing your thing and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. It's about trying new things and taking on a new persona that you wouldn't usually consider. Honestly, it's just about being your inner bad bih."


Keliane, at Wireless Festival 2019

"It's about living my best life, feeling like a bad man and doing what I have to do. Being you and being independent is all it's about. Enjoying yourself and not caring is the key!"


Celeste, at Wireless Festival 2019

"Girl, it's hoe szn. Period. What makes a hot girl summer? Your attitude and your vibe. It's 2019 – a year for women to do what they want to do."

Stacey (L) and Vanessa Maria

Stacey and Vanessa Maria, at Wireless Festival 2019

Stacey: You see this blonde wig? This my hot girl summer. It's about doing you, for the benefit of you and you alone, not for a man. Secure the bag because you're the bag. Secure yourself, sis.

Vanessa Maria: It's your attitude, it's your aura, the energy you give off. A hot girl summer is made from living your life and enjoying it. It's about us being surrounded by the strong black women in my life. Black women are a circle of winners so get with the winning team baby!



Naomi, at Wireless Festival 2019

"To me, a hot girl summer is all about taking care of yourself, respecting yourself, having fun and doing whatever you want. Confidence is where it's at."

Tracy (L) and Jennifer

Tracy and Jennifer, at Wireless Festival 2019

Tracy: Money!! Living your best life and having a stable job. How are you going to live your best hot girl summer with no money in your account? Then, what makes a hot girl summer is your hair, your healthy bank account, a cute outfit and attitude. Just live your best life and have fun.


Obehi, at Wireless Festival 2019

"A hot girl summer is about living your best life and being carefree. You just don't care what anyone says. It’s all about outfit, style, energy. Honestly, everything."

Lou (L), Amber and Denisha

Lou, Amber, Denisha, at Wireless Festival 2019

Lou: It’s about your whole appearance and the vibe you give off. It's the attitude you bring, too. You’re going to every motive and living your best life. Zero fucks, no dudes involved and butt cheeks out.


Kumari, at Wireless Festival 2019

"I'm going to keep it simple: Being. A. Bad. Bih. Your hair, and everything else you need to be a bad bih, makes it."

Lee (L) and Tyra

Lee and Tyra, at Wireless Festival 2019

Lee: It's about being stress-free and happy about everything. Having fun and enjoying the summer while it lasts. A hot girl summer means actually being happy, having good friends and loving yourself.

Charlotte, Irene and Kyomy

Charlotte, Irene and Kyomy, at Wireless Festival 2019

Irene: It's about being a bad bih and role reversal – live your best life. Guys always talk about getting girls, and we love Meg because she's doing exactly what they do unapologetically. We can talk about dick, too.


Charlotte: A hot girl summer comes from the moves and how confident you are. It's about being the vibe of the party and playing guys the way they play girls.

Nicole (L) and Deborah

Nicole and Deborah, at Wireless Festival 2019

Nicole: Enjoying yourself, being God-fearing and making sure that no one can tell you shit.

Deborah: It's the outfit and especially the attitude. You can look like trash but if you have a hot girl summer attitude, you're good!

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion performing at Wireless festival 2019
Crowd Megan Thee Stallion Wireless festival 2019 London
Crowd fans dancing Wireless festival 2019 in London