Illustrated by Amanda Lanzone


This story is over 5 years old.


Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Capricorn!

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Taurus season is such a lovely time of year for you, my dear sea goat! The sun shines down on the romance and creativity sector of your chart, finding you in a pleasant mood. Creative inspiration flows, party invitations come your way, and your love life gets a boost. Taurus season brings you tons of reasons to celebrate. Step back from your many responsibilities and indulge your senses, connect with nature, and slow down.


But early May won't be a total walk in the park: On May 1 when Mercury clashes with Saturn and May 2 when Mercury clashes with Pluto, you'll need to be wise about navigating communication issues at home and with your family, and generally when it comes to privacy and boundaries. That said, productive energy still flows and you're feeling emotionally expansive as Mercury connects with Mars on May 1 and Jupiter on May 2. Back to the juicy stuff: May 4 brings the new moon in Taurus, marking a beautiful new beginning in creative self-expression, fertility (in every sense of the word), your love life, and fun in general. The future might feel unclear right now, but that's OK! Fellow earth sign Taurus's new moon wants you to just be present. You are ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, but the only time that matters right now is…now!

Excitement arrives and the pace picks up as Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5, helping you zip through your chores so you can get back to doing what matters during Taurus season: napping luxuriously. Communication planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, boosting communication in your creative projects and your love life—you're all discussing what really matters to you. Venus clashes with your ruling planet Saturn on May 7, which will create some grumpy energy—for some, this means being especially whiney, while others are especially cold. Either way, it's not the time to ask for favors!


Mercury meets Uranus and the sun connects with Neptune on May 8, bringing unexpected fun your way and some surprisingly deep heart-to-heart conversations take place. Venus mingles with lucky Jupiter and clashes with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, on May 9—your heart is wide open and you're plunging to new depths, but it's important to be mindful about power struggles in your relationships and clear about people's motivations. Powerful emotions are coming to the surface, but don't share your deepest truths with people who are only faking their way through life.

The sun connects with Saturn on May 11 and then with Pluto on May 13, inspiring a surge of strength and power within yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to tackle things that would normally intimidate you. A productive and flirtatious energy flows as Venus connects with Mars on May 14. This is also a lovely time to spruce up your home, run errands, and get things in order! Venus enters Taurus, Mercury connects with Neptune, and Mars enters Cancer, all on May 15, bringing a big energy shift mid-month. Venus in Taurus brings blessings to your love life—it's a wonderful time to meet people, go on dates, and generally feel cute. Mercury's connection with Neptune inspires empathetic communication, and Mars in your opposite sign Cancer will energize all of your relationships. However, defensive Mars in Cancer can be competitive, so watch out for some arguments over the next few weeks, Capricorn! Mercury connects with your ruling planet Saturn on May 16, helping you get focused and sort out plans and commitments.

Full moons are emotionally intense periods, and the one in Scorpio on May 18 is no exception—but it's likely to bring revealing breakthroughs that will inspire you, Capricorn. This full moon is major for your social life, and you may be releasing yourself from a friend group or community that you belonged to. Drama is in the air and secrets are coming to light. During this full moon, communication planet Mercury connects with Pluto, which is perfect for detective work—but you won't have to dig too deep to find what you need, as the light of the full moon reveals all. This is a potent time to talk about deep emotions and secrets. Also during this full moon, Venus meets with Uranus, bringing unexpected surprises to your love life and creative endeavors.

Gemini season begins on May 21! As the sun enters this cheerful and inquisitive air sign, you'll find yourself busy at work, and reflecting on your daily habits and wellness. Mercury also enters Gemini and meets the sun on this day, making it a perfect time to get organized. Brilliant ideas and exciting connections with people take place as Mars connects with Uranus on May 22—but the electric clarity in the air won't last forever, as Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 29, creating a cloud of sleepy confusion.

Laziness flows (but romance does, too!) as Venus connects with Neptune on May 30. Mercury also opposes Jupiter on May 30, bringing plenty of talk that might be overly optimistic and speculative—which you, dear Capricorn, are rightfully suspicious of! Still, it's an exciting moment to brainstorm. Just don't overbook yourself, and definitely keep your schedule flexible. Venus connects with your ruling planet Saturn on May 31, creating a supportive energy and encouraging discussions about the future. It's not the coziest, most romantic day, but showing love isn't always about having a cuddle, it can be about discussing boundaries and plans, and this is one of those days. Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in June!