Not to Brag but We Won Some Emmys. Watch All 6 Winners Here.

VICE News Tonight is the most-awarded nightly newscast for the second year in a row.

VICE News took home six News & Documentary Emmys on Tuesday night, including five wins for VICE News Tonight, making the program the most-awarded nightly newscast for the second consecutive year.

VICE News was awarded across six categories: outstanding video journalism; coverage of a breaking news story; feature story in a newscast; coverage of a continuing news story; best story in a newscast; and business and economic documentary.


The Emmys honored VICE News Tonight’s unflinching reporting on children separated at the border in “Zero Tolerance,” the contentious confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh in “Moment of Truth,” the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the harrowing footage of an execution room in “The Killing Rooms of Mosul.”

“VICE News Tonight is leading the charge in broadcast news with its unparalleled international reporting across Yemen and Iraq, and distinctive coverage of the issues dividing our country today,” said Madeleine Haeringer, executive producer of VICE News Tonight. “I'm beyond proud of this incredible team who are breaking through the media landscape with their compelling, brave journalism.”

Watch our award-winning coverage:

The Victims of Zero Tolerance

Moment of Truth: Kavanaugh and Ford

Yemen’s Forgotten War

The Killing Rooms of Mosul

Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis