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A 5-Year Old in the Philippines Ordered Some Toy Guns and Air Conditioners Through an App

Sounds like a good time.
Photo via Pixabay.

Everyone knows that kids these days are very tech-savvy, but imagine the shock a mother in the Philippines felt when she found out that her 5-year-old son had gone on an online shopping spree and bought six portable air conditioners.

Cassandra Nichole Alegre of Naga City shared a screenshot from her son’s phone on Facebook, showing how he managed to order the items through a shopping app.

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“My world stopped when I opened my 5-year-old son’s Shoppee account,” she said in her post that has now gone viral with 39,000 reactions, 26,000 shares, and 13,000 comments.


According to Alegre, she could not cancel the orders at the time because they were already on their way to the delivery address.

She gave her son his own phone thinking that he would only use it for games.

The boy, of course, used his newly-discovered power to buy toys as well. Apart from the air conditioners, the receipt shows that he also bought three toy guns. The bill amounted to PHP5,000 (US$95.67). This prompted Alegre to check his son’s online cart, which apparently contained more random items that totalled almost PHP1 million (USD 19,133), ABS-CBN News reported.

How a 5-year-old managed to follow all the steps needed to make an online purchase have stunned many netizens. The Facebook post earned mixed reactions. Some thought it was funny, while others found it sad. Parents shared stories about their own kids using gadgets and warned against leaving certain apps logged-in.

The story eventually reached the sellers who agreed to cancel the orders.

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