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Hundreds of Cases of Beer Strewn Across Busy Highway Following Truck Crash

The busy road was clogged by thousands of cans of Victoria Bitter while emergency services tried to mop up the spill.
October 9, 2019, 4:49am
Victoria Bitter can
Image via Flickr user Jes, CC licence 2.0

Thousands of tins of Victoria Bitter beer were strewn across the Pacific Highway on the New South Wales north coast yesterday morning after a truck careened out of control and crashed into a bank on the side of the road.

Footage from the scene—which took place at Glenthorne, near Taree—shows countless cases of the stuff piled up on the side of the highway, as well as a handful of wayward cans scattered across the road.

The crash shut down one of two southbound lanes on the Pacific Highway, causing significant traffic delays as emergency services attempted to clear the beer from the road, according to NewsCorp. Police and ambulance responded to the accident, but nobody involved required medical transport. further reported that emergency services workers were forced to mop up gallons of beer from the road before traffic could resume.

VB took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to confirm that the driver of the truck didn’t need medical transport following the crash—but gave no clarification as to how much of the precious cargo was lost in the incident.

“WARNING: Graphic image below taken on the Pacific Hwy today near Taree, NSW,” their post reads. “Pleased to report driver didn’t require medical transport. Understand there were 3,000 locals ready to help.”

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