Here Are All the Best Shows and Movies Heading to Netflix in November

'The Irishman' finally debuts, 'End of the F***ing World' comes back for season two, and more.
October 22, 2019, 5:09pm
images via Netflix

Martin Scorsese's extremely long but supposedly brilliant new movie, The Irishman, is opening in select theaters on November 1. Early reviews are calling it a "masterpiece" and "one of [Scorcese's] most satisfying films in decades," even going so far as to dub it his "best crime movie since Goodfellas." But for everyone out there who isn't able to go see it on Broadway or just want to be able to pause the nearly four-hour thing for some bathroom breaks, worry not—The Irishman is hitting Netflix just in time for Thanksgiving.


It isn't the only new and exciting thing headed to the streaming service in November, though. The End of the F***ing World is coming back for a second season, The Crown is back for a third, and Timothée Chalamet and his bowl cut will be starring in The King when it premieres November 1.

The absolutely bonkers sci-fi The Man Without Gravity drops the same day, and Alicia Vikander's 1980s mystery Earthquake Bird lands on the 15th, just in case anyone is looking for another Netflix B-movie to fill that Bird Box-shaped hole in your heart.

So in honor of the new slate of upcoming Netflix releases, here's a list of everything headed to the streaming service in November 2019, with VICE's favorite picks in bold. Enjoy spending your entire Thanksgiving weekend watching hours and hours of a de-aged Robert De Niro trying to convince the Academy that he deserves a Best Actor nomination, everybody!

November 1

100% Hotter - Season 1 (November 1)
A Remarkable Tale
Ad Vitam - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
American Son
Apache Warrior
Atypical - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)
Christmas Survival
Drive (Netflix Original movie)
Elliot the Littlest Reindeer
Euphoria / Euforia
Fire in Paradise (Netflix Original movie)
Hache - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
Hello Ninja - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
Holiday in the Wild (Netflix Original movie)
How to Be a Latin Lover
Maid-Sama! - Season 1
Mars - Season 2
Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
Santa Girl
Spitfire: The Plane that Saved the World
The Christmas Trap
The Deep - Season 3
The King (Netflix Original movie)
The Man Without Gravity (Netflix Original movie)
The Tuxedo
True: Drabbleapple Harvest (Netflix Original movie)
We Are the Wave - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)

November 4

The Devil Next Door

November 5

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - Season 4 (Netflix Original series)
The End of the F***ing World - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)

November 8

Busted! - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)
Green Eggs and Ham - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
The Great British Baking Show: Holiday Special - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)
Wild District / Distrito Salvaje - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)

November 9

Little Things - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)

November 12

Harvey Girls Forever - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)
Jeff Garlin: Our Man in Chicago

November 15

GO! The Unforgettable Party
Earthquake Bird (Netflix Original movie)
El club - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
Klaus (Netflix Original movie)
Llama Llama - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)
The Stranded - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
The Toys That Made Us - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)

November 17

The Crown - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)

November 19

Iliza Shlesinger: Unveiled

November 21

The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix Original movie)

November 22

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
High Seas / Alta Mar - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)
Nailed It! Holiday - Season 2 (Netflix Original series)

November 26

Super Monsters: Save Christmas (Netflix Original movie)
True: Winter Wishes (Netflix Original movie)

November 27

The Irishman (Netflix Original movie)

November 28

Merry Happy Whatever - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
The Dragon Prince - Season 3 (Netflix Original series)

November 29

Sugar Rush Christmas - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)