This Thom Yorke ‘Colbert’ Interview Is Essential Late Night TV

The Radiohead frontman talked dreams, Brexit, his latest solo album, and his favorite R.E.M. song.
Chicago, US
This Thom Yorke ‘Colbert’ Interview Is Essential Late Night TV
Screenshot from the Late Show

Late night TV interviews often stick to a certain formula. If the guest is an actor, they're likely going to talk about an awkward-but-relatable moment on the set of their latest movie or a funny anecdote about another famous person. However, if the person being interviewed is Thom Yorke, it's an entirely different story. On The Late Show Tuesday, the Radiohead frontman made a rare appearance, not to perform, but to have a freewheeling chat with host Stephen Colbert.


Yorke and Colbert's last on-screen hangout was in 2011, when Radiohead were guests in an hour-long special of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. But even though it's been eight years since their last televised chill sesh, they clearly and easily picked up where they left off. The conversation frequently and organically jumps from topic to topic, from how Colbert's sons are huge fans, to what's going on with Brexit, to how Yorke came up with the title of his latest solo LP Anima, to how dreams factor into daily life. Yorke, who's consistently cited R.E.M. as a major influence, even revealed that his favorite song from the defunct Georgia band was "So. Central Rain" off 1984's Reckoning.

Watch the full interview below.