Who Sent Us This Beautiful Poem About Ketamine?

"Three Friends in South London", please make yourself known.
October 4, 2019, 11:21am
man snorting ketamine
Photo: Everynight Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Here at VICE UK, most of what we're sent in the post is fairly unremarkable. Books we're never going to read, invitations to fine art press events in Mayfair (?), brochures for kids' toys from PRs presumably hoping we'll pivot to affiliate-link content for children. So when something with a more personal touch arrives at front desk, it's a rare treat worth celebrating.

Related: this morning, an envelope with a handwritten address was dropped off on the editorial desk. Within it was two sheets of paper, the first a typed-up letter from "three friends who met at university", explaining that they "love English Literature and K" and had written a poem in Ibiza they've "read many times in the three years since".

letter on table

The three friends also asked us to publish that poem, and because they went to the effort of actually typing and printing a letter, and then sending it in the post – rather than emailing, the laziest and most cowardly form of communication – we're doing just that.

Here you go:

ketamine poem

To our darling bud of Geo
What a sight. Lark! Oh,
The sands of time envelop us
The ketty master, thus

Thank you, Three Friends in South London, for this beautiful gift. And also lol that you waited three years to send it to us.