Please Enjoy This Deeply Pure Clip of Keanu Reeves Learning to Ride a Horse

You're welcome.
August 28, 2019, 1:03pm
Keanu Reeves

Our sad, crumbling world is not worthy of Keanu Reeves. The man is a legend, a meme, a spiritual icon, and he's currently reprising his roles as Neo and Ted in both Matrix 4 and Bill and Ted Face the Music respectively, because he is Keanu Reeves and, sure, why not?

We don't need another example of the guy's greatness (we already have enough sacred photos of him holding spaghetti sauce to ever forget that) but need it or not, a new video of Keanu Reeves learning to ride a horse on the set of John Wick 3 is here to prove, once again, that he is too pure for any of us.


Please, behold:

For those who may have forgotten (or inexplicably missed the movie, which is better than it has any right to be), the centerpiece of the third John Wick movie is an action sequence where Reeves rides a horse through New York City and fights off an army of sword-wielding dudes on motorcycles.

Apparently, Reeves did a lot of the horseback stunts himself—and watching him train in this minute-and-a-half-long featurette is truly a treat. No one should have this much fun at work. Just watch him talk about how he wants to "come in at speed and then go ka-baah!" in the video above and let the overwhelming joy of the entire thing ease the burdens of our increasingly depressing world, if only for a second. You're welcome.