Will Ferrell's 'SNL' Short Is the Most Depressing Party Song Ever

Ferrell is going through some stuff.
Saturday Night Live
screenshot via clip

On Saturday, Will Ferrell officially joined Saturday Night Live's five-timer club: a mythic cabal of reoccurring SNL hosts from Tom Hanks to Justin Timberlake to the Rock who have hosted, yes, at least five times. Ferrell's latest appearance was one of the strongest of the season, and although his opening monologue was a little more awkward than it could've been, his appearance in this week's digital short was one of Ferrell's best musical sketches on SNL since he brought out that cowbell.


Just watch:

The so-called "Party Song" starts out as an Aaron Carter-style teenage house party tune until, uh, the AP English teacher rolls up. And Ferrell's Mr. B is definitely going through some stuff. "Mr. B is having the time of his life, until he gets a call—must be his wife," Cecily Strong and Kyle Mooney sing. "Ignores the call, stares off into space, twirls his wedding ring, blank look on his face." It just gets worse from there.

Mr. B winds up hanging around, slamming beers and rambling about the sad progress of time until long after the party is over. It is the most depressing party song ever. Give it a watch above and feel the slow march of time inevitably drag you towards death. Sorry, everyone.