King Krule Brings the Slugdy “Dum Surfer” to ‘Conan’

It's not often that late-night audiences hear that someone's brain is diluting.

King Krule's latest album, The Ooz, is all about bodily fluids; it's sludgy and snotty and piss-stained. In the first four lines of lead single "Dum Surfer," he spits, "Now I need a slash," "Skunk and onion gravy," "Brain's potato mash." It's all slimy and dank. It's great.

Last night, he took "Dum Surfer" to Conan, opening an American late-night audience up to early-hours crises that probably seem quite foreign. "As my brain's diluting, I suffer from whiplash," he sang, chewing on his words. "This girl's now screaming, I think we've gone and crashed." He sped the whole thing up a bit, lifting it halfway out of its mire. It's still an exceptionally dark network TV performance. You can watch it at the top of the page, and read Noisey's interview with King Krule right here.

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