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Eminem Plays "Walk on Water" at EMAs, Wins 'Best-Hip Hop,' Doesn't Know Why

The Europe Music Awards are already something to behold.

The 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards are happening in London, England right now and, if you haven't been watching it for the last 25 minutes, you've probably missed the best moment of the night. Chuck D, B-Real, and Tom Morello—now together in the rap-rock supergroup Prophets of Rage—were somehow enlisted to present the 'Best Hip-Hop' award. B-Real was smoking, and Tom Morello said something about "renegades" before cutting to the nominees. Fun though it would have been to hear Morello shout the word "Drake," the award went to Eminem, who seemed shocked. “I don't really know how I got this," he said. "I haven't had an album out in a few years."


Before all that, though, Em opened up the show with a performance of his new single, "Walk on Water." Skylar Grey, who co-wrote the song and co-produced it with Rick Rubin, sang the hook in place of Beyoncé; she sounded fantastic. Eminem, doubling down, decided to really spit out the closing "bitch, I wrote 'Stan'" lyric. Watch the performance at the top of the page.

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