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Rexx Life Raj's 'Father Figure 2: Flourish' Is Perfect for The Long Weekend

Listen to the Berkeley rapper's latest project, featuring G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe, over some turkey and football.

Bay Area rapper Rexx Life Raj is an interesting dude. He’s a former Boise State football player whose friends call him “Dad” due to all the wisdom and knowledge he’s constantly bestowing. But how’d he get so wise? Having a former Black Panther member as a father helps. That being said, he’s not the serious, “no fun allowed” dude that description might lead you to believe he is. Just look at his Instagram captions. He’s as funny and clever as he his heartfelt and genuine, and perfectly balances these two demeanors to make extremely entertaining tracks.


So how does a former D1 football player who was good enough for a full scholarship become a rapper? Well, it helps if your true passion wasn’t football in the first place. After graduating with a degree in Communications, he moved back to Berkeley to concentrate on his first love, music, and oh boy is it paying off.

He recently released his latest album, Father Figure 2: Flourish. Featuring G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe, it’s a step up from last year's very good project Father Figure and displays all the progression and improvement you could hope to see out of a budding artist. Put it on while you’re traveling or in the kitchen or wherever this weekend and get familiar with a super talented rapper that you’ll definitely be hearing more about in the future.

Listen to Father Figure 2: Flourish below: