It's Been Three Days and I'm Still Obsessed With PUSHA-T's Wedding

How are you going to top a wedding with Pharrell as your Best Man? I'll wait.
Queens, United States
July 24, 2018, 7:20pm

On Saturday, PUSHA-T took a break from his "high-taste luxury drug raps," but stayed very, very on brand with an all-white wedding to Virginia Williams, his girlfriend of 11 years. The two wed at Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, and come on… could their union be any more perfect? Just take a look at her first name. The Best Man was also none other than Pharrell Williams, a Virginia native himself, who had a heavy hand in Clipse's early production. The perfection doesn't stop there though, because PUSH's brother and former Clipse member, No Malice, officiated the whole thing. Even their hashtag borrowed from Virginia's state slogan, changing it to #VirginiaIsForTerrence instead. Can you understand why I'm gushing? Any wedding show connoisseur knows it's all in the details, the Thorton wedding didn't lack in that department.

You might remember last May when PUSH traded blows with Drake shortly after the release of DAYTONA. It provoked "Duppy Freestyle," where Drake mentioned PUSH's then-fiancée by name. "I told you keep playing with my name / And I'ma let it ring on you Virginia Williams," he rapped. Well, PUSH is proving wedding rings aren't a bad thing, as he says on his infamous response, "The Story of Adidon." Regardless of how you feel about Drake's silence, these photos are of a man who won.

Pharrell, I'm not sure what this fugly contraption that is probably worth a fortune on your wrist is, but even that won't distract me from how intimate and understatedly ornate this wedding was. When are we also going to have an honest conversation about the fact that Jaden Smith and Pharrell are oddly morphing into the same person?

The brothers have come a long way from the ghetto to ghetto and backyards to yards.

Congratulations to the Thortons!

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