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Chief Keef's 'Mansion Musick' Is Out Now, and It Has Ballads

The Chicagoan's sixth (!) project of 2018 came out this morning.

There are those artists who feel the need to act like assholes in the run-up to an album release, believing that all PR is good PR. Then there's Chief Keef, who's so prolific that barely even tweets about a new project now. Mansion Musick, released this morning, at least came with ten day's notice—more than can be said for The GloFiles Pt 1, The GloFiles Pt 2, The Leek Vol. 4, The Leek Vol. 5, and the Ottopsy EP, all of which came out earlier this year with next-to-no fanfare. (The 22-year-old Chicagoan's even run out of album titles; a Mansion Music mixtape came out back in 2014.)


This one feels a little more like a full album rather than a collection of loosies or a handful of club-ready half-hits, even if the mix seems uneven and the tracks occasionally blur into one. It's bookended by two anti-naysayer ballads in the Auto-Tuned "Belieber" and the hurriedly pretty "Letter." Between them there's "TV On (Big Boss)," a tribute to Keef's cousin, Fredo Santana, who died in January; a sloppy Playboi Carti collaboration on "Uh Uh"; and a grateful shot of energy on "Tragedies." Lyrically there's nothing radical—"Shoot them dice, hit your car / I need duct tape, bitch no Scotch"—and Keef probably could've cut this down to size. But he's never been in the mood for that. So you'll just have to sift through the 90-odd songs he's put out already this year and piece together something special yourself.

Listen to Mansion Musick below.

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