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Weekly Horoscope: August 27 - September 2

Mars and Mercury are no longer retrograde—but we're still cleaning up in their aftermath.
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Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde are all finally over, but there's still cleanup to be done in their aftermath! This week begins with action planet Mars ending its retrograde on Monday at 10:05 AM, giving us a burst of energy as it moves forward, powering through hard-working Capricorn back towards humanitarian Aquarius. Mars retrograde is like when Austin Powers loses his mojo—and his characteristic ability to seduce everyone—and crashes a car into everything. On Monday, we get our mojo back, and there's unfinished business to take care of. It should be noted that before Mars can move forward, it stops, creating a static energy and build-up before we erupt. The Mars station is a hotbed for passionate fights and accidents, but things will be moving more smoothly as the action planet moves forward.


Although these planets are now moving forward, they are still in their shadow phase and revisiting the paths they've been driving over in reverse, so you'll have another chance to address whatever you weren't able to complete over the last few weeks without Mars' energy or Mercury's information. Mercury is in its shadow phase this week, but on Sunday, September 2, it will finally clear its retrograde path. Whatever Mercury-related affairs, communication, or travel, that took place during its retrograde—specifically between July 26 until August 10—will resurface until Mercury clears its shadow on Sunday. The same can be said for warrior planet Mars' retrograde, which has been responsible for flaccid vibes all summer. From now until Mars finally clears its retrograde path on October 10, you will have a second chance to conquer whatever tasks have been plaguing you since June 26.

On Tuesday, Mercury, the planet of communications, squares off with Jupiter, the benevolent planet of expansion, at 1:31 AM. This is a great day to make sustainable plans for next season. Jupiter takes us on a journey and grants distant foresight. Jupiter sees the bigger picture, and the Moon will be in Aries, making us headstrong and helping us stay focused through some scatterbrained energy. It's important not to let details fall through the cracks. Channel the meticulous and attentive Virgo season energy to your advantage: Discern what is useful and what is not.


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If you've had a low or wonky sex drive this summer, that's over now. This weeks begins with a fresh burst of romantic and creative energy, when action planet Mars moves forward again. It's a good week to address the partnership drama aroused from last Sunday’s full Moon in Pisces. From now until Mars clears its shadow on October 10, you'll have a second chance with any dates you went on from June 26 through August 27. Tuesday is a good day to get things off your chest and make lasting plans to tend to your inner-world, as your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, squares off with benevolent, optimistic Jupiter. This week, you have more space to focus on your mental health: A final review of whatever deep psychological issues were aroused during Mercury retrograde is encouraged until Sunday.


Virgo season is a time of low energy and regeneration for Libra. It's the time right before our alarm clocks sound. As the Sun moves toward your personal horizon, you're encouraged to catch up on your rest and prepare for all of the opportunities Libra season will offer. When action planet Mars ends its retrograde on Monday, you get a burst of energy in your domestic and family life. Whatever form of housework you didn’t have the will to complete all summer is now moving forward at full speed. On Tuesday, communication planet Mercury squares off with optimistic Jupiter, giving you the foresight to make plans to increase your income through networking. Jupiter is over-the-top, overflowing energy, so be honest with yourself about your work load, and remember: Less is more.



Control your temper on Monday: Arguments will be encouraged as your warrior planetary ruler, Mars, stations direct in your house of communications. There will be a burst of energy that invites bickering, so find a positive way to channel it, maybe through writing or talk therapy. Tuesday is a major day to set realistic career goals, as overflowing Jupiter (currently in your sign) squares off with Mercury—just don’t bite off more than you can chew. Wonky contracts that were floundering from June 26 to August 27 will be popping back up again for final closure until October 10, as Mars moves forward through its backtracked trail. Repeated conversations about your career that came up from July 26 until August 18 can have the last word this week, as communication planet Mercury breaks ground through new territory.


This week brings a refreshing burst of energy to your personal finances and self-esteem as warrior planet Mars stations direct in your house of possessions and pushes everyone full steam ahead. On Tuesday, your benevolent planetary ruler Jupiter squares off with communication planet Mercury, increasing your foresight and allowing you to make plans for the future. It's a good day to make an outline for something you'd like to publish or study. Even if you aren't in school, it's important to ask yourself what you're interested in learning or teaching and sharing with the world. Optimism is not a bad trait when planning how to accomplish your dreams, but when dealing with Jupiter, it's important to remember not to over-commit. Keep things sweet and simple.



As action planet Mars stations direct in Capricorn on Monday, watch out for accidents and arguments. Look both ways before you cross the street and try to be nice. The vibe this summer has been all about double-checking and revising, thanks to the countless retrogrades this season, but Mars retrograde has finally ended, and with the planet in Capricorn, Mars is bulldozing over everything to get its way. Work on yourself this week. On Tuesday, optimistic Jupiter and communication planet Mercury square off, and plans to move forward through issues surrounding intimacy and debt are easily imagined. It's a good week to set personal goals and visualize your ideal future. In spite of Jupiter's optimism, objectivity is returning to you as your planetary ruler, responsible Saturn, is slowing down before it stations direct next week, which will push lifelong projects forward.


Tuesday is a major day for you to set career goals as Mercury squares off with optimistic Jupiter. Jupiter is a benevolent planet that gives more than anyone can realistically take, so be realistic—or even minimalistic—about your commitments. Your responsible planetary ruler, Saturn, has been retrograde since April 17, letting its guard down and encouraging foolishness. Now, it's slowing down before it ends its retrograde next week, preparing you to buckle down for back-to-school season. Any recurring conversations you had about your relationships during Mercury's retrograde through your house of partnerships—specifically between July 26 and August 10—will have the last work up until this Sunday, September 2, when communication planet Mercury finally breaks new ground as it moves forward.



All of your cards are on the table after last Sunday’s emotional full Moon in Pisces. This week, you'll be addressing the personal matters that the full Moon illuminated. On Tuesday, your planetary ruler, boundless Jupiter, squares off with communication planet Mercury, providing you with a clear and optimistic vision of what actions to take to make gradual progress toward your dreams. Take time this week to visualize how you can make daily steps towards these goals. Dream big, then narrow it down and focus your expectations so it's manageable. How can you make simple changes to your daily routine to broaden your horizons? Maybe incorporate meditation, reading, study, or some sort of ritual into your life that allows you to perfect the gifts you share with the world.


Finally, a breath of fresh air and a burst of energy arrive this week, as your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, stations direct on Monday. Watch out for arguments and accidents earlier in the week as the action planet's direction changes. Career-related projects that have been flailing around from June 26 to August 27 are now back on the working table until October 10, moving forward at full speed with more strength and wisdom from all of the revisions you've been doing during the retrogrades. On Tuesday afternoon, communication planet Mercury squares off with the planet of expansion Jupiter, providing clear foresight—a great day to set transformative goals! You'll be sensitive with the Moon in your sign. Ask a friend for help regarding those goals on Tuesday morning, when the Moon gently harmonizes with Mars.



Action planet Mars has ended its retrograde, providing you with a fresh burst of energy in your academic life. Whether you're enrolled or not, projects related to higher learning and publishing are put back into motion at full speed this week. On Tuesday, major conversations about the future are stirred up with your family and partners, when communication planet Mercury squares off with optimistic Jupiter. Use this energy to visualize the future: Where do you see yourself living? With whom? It's dream-big energy, so you're bound to let details fall to the wayside. This isn't a bad thing—you should dream big! But remember to be realistic in order to see your dreams fall into place. Jupiter provides an overabundance of gifts, but only take what is useful.


On Monday, action planet Mars ends its retrograde in a transformative sector of your chart, empowering you to put an end to things that are keeping you from progress. You're moving forward and solving problems surrounding intimacy and debt with a punch. On Tuesday, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and all the information can be overwhelming. Be realistic about what does and doesn't serve you, and set a manageable daily goal to move you towards optimal physical health and work efficiency. Although your planetary ruler, chatty Mercury, ended its retrograde recently, it's still moving through the path it previously backtracked, so conversations you had and trips you took from July 26 until August 10 can come back up this week, until Mercury clears its shadow on Sunday.



Last Sunday’s full Moon in Pisces had a religious tinge, illuminating the sector of your chart the Hellenistic astrologers associated with God—as if a Pisces full Moon wasn't already spiritual enough on its own! A clarity of your beliefs and faith in mankind peaked on Sunday, helping you start this week with an open mind. On Monday morning, action planet Mars ends its retrograde in the partnership sector of your chart, stirring arguments and accidents in your relationships as a burst of hot energy is in the air. If anyone bothers you on Monday as Mars swings back forward, you'll be the bigger person: The Moon, your planetary ruler, is still in sensitive Pisces, allowing you to effortlessly empathize with anyone throwing a Mars tantrum.


Tuesday will be major, when communication planet Mercury squares off with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. It's an information overload, but a helpful time to set goals, reach for the stars, follow your dreams, etc. There will be a lot of extraneous information, so stay focused, and be honest about how much you can realistically do to manifest your vision for the future. Don’t be greedy with Jupiter’s gifts! Mercury retrograde might be over, but the communication planet still hasn't cleared the trail it backtracked during its retrograde through your sign. If something went down during Mercury retrograde—particularly from July 26 until August 10—and it still hasn't come back up again, it will by Sunday, when Mercury finally clears through all of these points at full speed, providing closure and the final word.

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