You Need to See Camp Cope's Tiny Desk Concert

The Melbourne trio keep going from strength to strength. Check out their brilliant set at NPR, featuring 'How to Socialise & Make Friends' highlight "The Face of God".
via camp_cope on Instagram

If you haven't had a chance to check out Camp Cope's wonderful sophomore record How to Socialise & Make Friends yet, now's a great time. Not for any particular reason; it's just an excellent record, so any time is a great time to listen. If you need an introduction, though, I would highly recommend the band's new NPR Tiny Desk Concert, released today.

Recorded during the band's tour to the states earlier this year, Camp Cope––Melbourne's Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich, Sarah Thompson and Georgia Maq––turned down the volume a little for their three-song set, which features How to Socialise lead single "The Opener", powerful anti-sexual assault ballad "The Face of God" and 2016's "Keep Growing". It's a great set! Please, check it out below.